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In addition, it is clear from Browndorf’s article, that a US attorney is able, without reference to or agreement with their opponent, to use technology in the courtroom. The use of technology is viewed as just one more weapon in the lawyer’s armoury to be used against the opponent to gain an advantage. This could not occur in the UK. If attempted, it could be argued that it would put one of the parties at a material disadvantage and would therefore limit their access to justice.

Mathew Browndorf

Understanding the benefits that litigation technology can offer the partners in a law firm is essential to its success. Otherwise, you end up with IT personnel who know the technical aspects of the product, but do not know why or how a litigator would use it and litigators who know what they need, but do not know how to make the software work for them.

Mathew Browndorf News For certain, in 10 years’ time every litigation lawyer will be using litigation technology. Will you be one of the first or will you be one of the last to go forward and explore the future?

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Most investors, as they look to allocate their capital, will inquire about the similarities and differences of an investment in longevity linked assets as compared to equities. There is a strong relationship between portfolio construction methodologies when investing in either life settlements or equities.

Mathew Browndorf Another British product is Briefcase which has been developed by Sellars Legal Services. The idea behind this product is that at the end of a day in court or arbitration, not only can the parties leave the proceedings with the transcript but also, in an electronic form, any documentation that has been referred to on that or any of the previous day’s proceedings.

Mathew Browndorf We deploy an institutional approach to the selection and use of investment vehicles enabling us to create individually tailored solutions. The cookie cutter approach used by many firms is not appropriate when servicing a diverse group of sophisticated institutional clients. When suitable, we compliment traditional investment strategies with alternative investment solutions such as hedge funds, private equity offerings, REIT’s, commodity indices, CTA’s, and other low correlated vehicles designed to diversify risk and enhance performance.

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Matthew Browndorf
Related to country: United States

I think the book will be a huge step forward in the education of all market participants which can only have a positive impact on the industry as a whole. Senior editor, Vishaal Bhuyan, CEO of VB Bhuyan & Co. should be commended for taking the supreme effort in putting this book together.”

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Mr. Spring began his career by developing and executing divisional strategies for the nation's leading financial institutions, most notably Fleet Bank (Bank of America) and Citicorp. These strategies increased market share, improved profitability, and generated a 451% CAGR in revenue during a six year period.

Mathew Browndorf Bio Browndorf PEM manages Match Media, LLC through a risk mitigated, principally protected proprietary finance model that uses media investments and longevity-linked assets to create a new investment/lending paradigm. Match Media is a media company that co-produces and co-finances feature films and television properties as well as acquires existing media libraries.

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For the modern portfolio theorist, adding longevity linked assets to a diversified portfolio of equities, bonds, real estate and commodities, due to its relatively low price volatility and high yields, serves to further optimize the portfolio by shifting the efficient frontier (also known as the Markowitz frontier) up and to the left. To step back, every possible asset combination for a portfolio can be plotted in risk-return space, and the collection of all such possible portfolios defines the investible universe.

Mathew Browndorf Profile The software network could come in two forms, external or internal. An external version is best operated through a third-party vendor running an ASP (application service provider). The ASP will typically have their own version of discovery/case management software. Lawyers would collect and divide the documents then send them to the ASP for scanning and optional coding. It is imperative that specific instructions be given; otherwise, you get what you are given.

Mathew Browndorf Details Importantly, threshold training should include a review of potential objections to the use of technology in the courtroom. This review of objections emphasizes authenticity and potential unfair-prejudice issues. General resources for information on such issues include case law under Federal Rule of Evidence 403 and various professional commentaries on technology use in law reviews. Local court rules may affect the outcome of such objections.

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